Impromptu fun dining

Monthly changing menu of playful and delicious plates designed to share


Newly opened, Espina, Spanish for thorn or spike, takes inspiration from the informal taverns of the Basque Country where drinks and food are always had together in good company. The food is always super seasonal, crammed with flavour and aimed to be shared and talked about.

We now do take reservations, so you can book yourself a table for dinner, the menu has plenty to offer but you can always just pop in and grab a couple of plates if in a rush, or explore the menu bit by bit as the night and conversation unfurls.


The constantly changing menu is perfect for an impromptu catch up, date night, or a carefully organised evening to impress your friends. 

The menu featured is a sample of our new offering, and as we find our feet in the kitchen and refine our service, we will expand our menu and change it to continue to showcase the freshest seasonal produce.