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Bookings policy

We like to keep the Golden Pineapple 50/50 reservations and walks ins, that way you can pop in for a drink or 2 throughout your evening, or plan ahead and ensure you get a table for the evening.  

Like to make a reservation at the Golden Pineapple? 

The widget on the left will direct your enquiry straight to our booking system. For groups of up to 6 choose the drinks option and specify how long you will require the table for. 


For groups of 6+ choose the Group Drinks 6+ option.

or alternatively email 

Please be aware these will act as enquiries and we aim to reply within 24 hours. 

Owing to the licence and our open kitchen, we are unable to allow minors or pets into the venue.

If you wish to change/cancel/adjust your booking please let us know & provide at least 24 hours of notice, if possible. 

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